Coach Marketing – Push Or Pull Marketing – Are You Chasing Customers, Or Are They Chasing You?


What kind of marketing do you do for your coaching? Push or Pull?

Why is it even important to know which one you use? In fact, your marketing may feel like it’s a tug of war, a push and pull war with the prospect. One form of marketing is a LOT easier and more effective that’s why.Google Advertising Consultant

Push Your Marketing Out to the World

Push marketing is where you are pushing your information out to the world. It’s also called interruption marketing where you push it under someone’s nose and hope to get there attention, and a few minutes of their time, interupting their day to day activities, and thoughts trying to get their attention..

Some examples of push marketing are direct mail that you send out to hundreds or thousands, or radio or TV marketing. You push your marketing under their noses hoping it’ll get their attention and call you back.

Some of this group may be looking for what you do, but most are not. You are trying to be in front of them when and if a certain segment of all of those you touch need what you have.

Pull Marketing — Attracting Prospects to You

Pull marketing, or attraction marketing, is attracting someone to you that’s actually looking for what you have, or the results you deliver. You are PULLING them in.

Search engine marketing and article writing on online ezines are a couple. Those looking for what you do on your website or ezine article by finding you on a search engine are actually trying to find you and your job is much easier. All you have to do is attract those that are looking to your listing because of it’s search engine position, and because of what you say, and how you say it.

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