Four Key Aspects of a Waste Service in NYC


The government agencies that manage and dispose of waste have complex roles and responsibilities. The current inefficiencies of waste management and disposal systems are linked to political influence, poor management systems, and low salaries. In addition, these agencies are subject to corruption and nepotism. Ultimately, waste is a major source of pollution and requires proper management. Therefore, it is imperative for these agencies to be as efficient as possible. To improve efficiency, government agencies should focus on the following four aspects:

One of the most important aspects of a waste management company is their commitment to providing comprehensive customer service solutions. This focus is particularly important in the New York City market, where the introduction of Commercial Waste Zone guidelines could affect the company’s ability to provide waste collection services to businesses. This plan, released by the New York City Department of Sanitation in November 2018, cites environmental, nuisance, and safety issues as justification. Under the new regulations, the city will divide the city into 20 zones, each serviced by a limited number of carters.

Another key concern is the safety record of waste management companies. According to the City Comptroller, commercial waste companies have a checkered history when it comes to  Century waste services labor and safety. Thus, the industry needs urgent reform. In addition to improving the safety record of garbage collection companies, the city wants to promote environmental sustainability and worker health. Therefore, the Comptroller has proposed a zoned collection system that prioritizes worker health and street safety.

Municipal solid waste management is plagued with problems. Waste collection services are inconsistent and sometimes ineffective, and vehicles are often under-maintained. Many of these vehicles lose part of their load during the trips to the disposal site. Additionally, collection workers earn money by sorting waste, and many have contracts with junk dealers and other waste merchants. These workers are paid to collect trash, but they neglect their main duty. This results in increased waste generation and disposal and inefficiency.

Whether or not private waste collection services are right for you depends on your needs. Many cities have their own private waste collection companies, and this trend is gaining steam in Asia. In Singapore, for example, the cost of collecting and disposing of refuse tripled in the last decade, and the Ministry of Environment established a private company, SEMAC Pte. Ltd. to improve the situation. This is a good idea, and may help reduce the costs for residents and businesses alike.

Municipalities and industries may face a difficult choice between a waste treatment facility and economic growth. Forcing industry to utilize expensive technologies to treat waste may limit economic growth. These decisions have long-term implications and limit growth in the economy. Municipalities should opt for the most efficient methods of disposal for their waste. The short-sighted approach could result in problems in terms of air pollution and other environmental hazards. This is why it is important to find a company that offers services that address these concerns.

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