Top rated Guidelines to Pick out A strong SMS Service Provider

An SMS service provider typically provides the SMS gateway that may be employed by its subscribers to send SMS messages to. On one other hand, an SMS reseller is a person who buys SMS messages in bulk from wireless carriers so that each and every SMS has a low price. They will then sell these SMS messages at a higher cost to customers. Thus, this is simply not a portable network operator but a company entity that provides SMS messaging services. There are a number of factors to consider whenever choosing an SMS service-provider.


The price of service is perhaps the main factor. Typically, providers of SMS messaging services may be split into two categories depending how customers are expected to pay sms activation. These are credit based and SMS based. In the first case, customers buy a number of credits from the gateway provider. You’re charged by the number of SMS sent and the price is location dependent. In the 2nd case, bulk SMS message is purchased and the cost of sending them is the same regardless of the destination.

While calculating the price, it is essential to learn if you can find any hidden costs or fees. Some providers do not specify almost all their fees in their pricing page. So, if an SMS service seems really cheap, you could find that you will be expected to pay additional fee in one form or the other.


It is essential to learn if the SMS gateway service-provider has any purchase requirements. Like, some services may need you to buy a minimum number of credits every month. If you are just beginning, it is better to choose something provider who does not have any minimum purchase requirement. If your business grows, you usually have the freedom to get more.

Shelf life:

In some instances, SMS gateway providers allow it to be mandatory for customers to use up the credit in just a stipulated time period. After the time, you cannot utilize the SMS messages any longer as these could have expired. Such restrictions may be too limiting in case of small companies and companies which have just started off.

Network coverage:

You have to choose a gateway service-provider who can deliver messages to your target destination. Network coverage is essential and some providers provide a few free messages to help you test network coverage.

Network quality:

Some SMS service providers offer inexpensive services but their network quality is very poor. Sometimes, messages reach the destination after a long delay. This kind of service provider must be avoided.

Payment options:

Most SMS service providers allow online payment. Some also accept other payment methods like PayPal. It is essential to gain the best information regarding payment options.

Account management:

Finally, your SMS service provider must give you a website based management system that allows you to check your usage easily, quickly and efficiently. The interface must be easy too. It should also offer excellent customer support as and when you need it.

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