Coaching Marketers Before the Battle

Coaching Marketers Before the Battle

One of the most challenging things that up-and-coming marketing mangers face is the requirement to lead others who are not under their positional power. And it is the key thing that brings many undone.

This is often the case if the marketing manager (usually aged 20 – 30) is leading a cross functional project team or campaign involving others from various business units, call centers, distribution arms, legal, web and front line staff. It can also occur if they are marketing for just one business unit for the first time and dealing with many people.agence de publicité Québec

This requirement to lead without positional power is challenging enough for veteran managers let alone the new manager who has not been given any guidance on how to approach such situations.

The scenario often runs like this:

New young marketing manager is appointed to advise and service the needs of a particular business unit or product range.

They have the qualifications. They have the technical know how. They look good, smell good, dress well and have a great attitude. They are Gen Y in all their glory, on the fast track and keen to prove what they can do. They have every good intention and are brimming with potential. The future is bright and they are confident and eager. The company will do well to keep them and help them succeed.

The new marketing manager might have a small team who report to them and their leadership skills with this team although green, will improve by osmosis and with time. This is not the big challenge.

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